• TWICE Reveals How They Feel About Stray Kids’ Debut
    TWICE revealed how the felt about Stray Kids and their debut on the radio program Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street. Source: Instagram   TWICE has recently graduated from the position of maknae in JYP Entertainment since the debut of Stray Kids.   Jihyo expressed that they were very happy to finally… ... more
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  • 26 Things About K-Pop That Shouldn’t Annoy You, But Litera...
    1. You have to look in the mirror every day, knowing that oppa is prettier than you. Cha Eun Woo is the girl(?) you’d never introduce your boyfriend to.   2. You hate it when a friend picks the same bias as you. Your browser does not support video. There are… ... more
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  • Song Hye Kyo’s Family Was Once Blackmailed And Threatened ...
    Song Hye Kyo and her mother were revealed to have been blackmailed and threatened by someone she had worked with. In a recent episode of Channel A’s Poongmon Show, it was revealed that Song Hye Kyo’s mother had received a letter in January 2005, blackmailing her for â‚©250 million KRW (approximately $234,000… ... more
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  • Why Do The Electronics Of The Girls In Jay Park’s Videos A...
    On Reddit, one confused Jay Park fan asked the community why the heck a woman can be heard asking for a charger in Jay Park’s songs. Your browser does not support video.   But it turned out that the fan misheard the songs’ intro tag “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy”, as… ... more
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  • JBJ’s Kwon Hyunbin Used To Be A World-Class Athlete
    Kwon Hyunbin fought his way to 22nd place on Produce 101 Season 2 and a spot in project group JBJ, but this isn’t his first round of competition. He was also a top athlete during junior high school.   It turns out that Kwon Hyunbin was a very talented fencer, and represented both… ... more
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  • Koreans Hate The Idea Of Japanese Idols Being On “Produce4...
    With rumors that Japanese trainee Miyawaki Sakura has been crowned Produce 48‘s first center, discussion has exploded across Korean forums about the program including Japanese members.   Many Korean people are so unhappy with the program, that they have begun to file petitions to have the show cancelled. … ... more
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  • Netizens Argue That YG Is No Longer Part Of “The Big 3”,...
    According to the netizen, YG Entertainment was included in the top 3 entertainment companies thanks to BIGBANG and G-Dragon, but now that most of the members have been enlisted in the army, that is no longer the case.   The company has been tainted with numerous issues of drugs… ... more
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  • 5 Of The Worst Things Male “Fans” Have Done To Female Id...
    1. TWICE’s Mina receives a murder threat A sasaeng fan from the Korean community, Ilbe, threatened to kill TWICE‘s Mina after her photo “scandal” with GOT7‘s BamBam spread out. The fan posted a picture of a knife being held close to his or her wrist with the title “Mina I’ve got a… ... more
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  • NU’EST Fans And Security Are Receiving Praise For Their Un...
    The unique relationship between L.O.V.Es (NU’EST’s fans) and the guards during NU’EST’s recent concert in Seoul has been gaining attention.   Fans were packed into the standing section, and struggled throughout the concert. That’s when the guards started to pass out water to the fans, and even began… ... more
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  • NCT 127 And Stray Kids Confirmed To Be Attending KCON 2018 N...
    KCON will be returning to New York for the fourth straight year and they’ve just announced the next 2 artists who will be joining Wanna One, EXID, and Heize.   KCON 2018 New York will take place between June 23-24 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The next 2… ... more
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  • Suzy And Her Friends Do Something Unusual Whenever They Get ...
    A recent interview with Cosmopolitan has revealed that Suzy has a unique drunken habit of recording her friends with an audio recorder!   Suzy shared that she would use the audio recorder to interview her friends. Your browser does not support video. “When I drink with my friends, I turn on… ... more
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  • When This Girl Started Crying… Tzuyu Showed Her True Color...
    TWICE‘s Tzuyu, Sana, and Jeongyeon appeared on Hello Counselor and attempted to figure out how a young, aspiring singer-songwriter could solve her conflict with her mother who is against her dream. Your browser does not support video.   On the show, the middle school student shared how she is pursuing her… ... more
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  • Baekhyun Confesses He Hates Sasaeng Fans
    EXO‘s Baekhyun has always been vocal about the “sasaeng (사ìƒ�)” fan behavior problem, but in his recent live broadcast, he admitted in his own words that he “hates” such fans. A ‘sasaeng’ fan is an over-obsessive fan who often engages in stalking and other behaviors that clearly invade the celebrity’s privacy.… ... more
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  • Lee Yi Kyung Talks About What It Was Like For Him And Jung I...
    Actor Lee Yi Kyung recently revealed in an interview how it felt for him and Jung In Sun to kiss other people in the JTBC drama Welcome to Waikiki!   Although the two co-stars recently confirmed their relationship, Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun had to film kiss scenes with other actors… ... more
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  • Fan Makes Idol’s Face Out Of Food… Can You Tell Who It I...
    A creative K-Pop fan used their culinary skills to turn a meal into their bias’s handsome face!   salyal03_88 used egg for the face, nose, and mouth, pasta for his hair…   ….and ketchup for his rosy cheeks! If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s BIGBANG’s Daesung!   The idea of literally eating… ... more
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  • Korean Shop Caught Trying To Pay Below Minimum Wage…Unless...
    Koreans are outraged by a job inquiry gone wrong after an anonymous girl who applied for a part-time job at a women’s clothing store shared her experience. This post on the Gwangju Chungjang-ro Facebook page went viral and netizens have tracked down the store which is now receiving heavy criticism.… ... more
    Koreaboo8 hours ago
  • Uptown Girl: The Hip Hop Group With Lee Hyori and Yoon Mirae...
    On the latest episode of Happy Together 3, Yoon Mirae told the story of the hip-hop group that never was.   Back in the day, Lee Hyori was signed under World Music Agency and planned on debuting in the group Uptown Girl. The group was going to be a hip-hop… ... more
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  • Koreans Reveal How BTS Jin Looks In Real Life After Meeting ...
    Fans shared how BTS Jin looks after seeing him in person.   Most of the fans have been commenting on his small face, broad shoulders and great proportions. “I was able to see him really close. He had a really small face and wide shoulders. He was super… ... more
    Koreaboo9 hours ago
  • Here’s The Truth About Rumors That Lee Soo Man Embezzled 1...
    According to a report by Asia Economy Daily, SM Entertainment has been paying over 10 billion KRW (approx. $9.38 million USD) to a private company owned by Lee Soo Man for the past 2 years. This has raised questions of embezzlement and suspicious internal transactions*. *Note: The term used in the… ... more
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  • 6 Internet Novels That Made Every Korean Millennial Cry
    Internet novelist Lee Yoon Sae, better known by her pen name Guiyeoni, shook Korea in the 2000s with her sensational online fiction series. Published with the dawn of the Korean internet era, Guiyeoni’s romance novels gained extreme popularity among Korean teens.   1. He Was Cool (2001) Guiyeoni published… ... more
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  • Seungri Gets Embarrassed In Russia By A Korean Girl
    BIGBANG‘s Seungri was a guest on a special episode of JTBC‘s Let’s Eat Dinner Together in Russia when he had a bit of an embarrassing experience with a Korean girl.   Together with MCs Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu, Seungri visited a Korean supermarket and spoke to the family that owned… ... more
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  • This Disbanded Group’s Members All Found New Groups To Joi...
    Some girl groups unfortunately disband soon after debuting, or sometimes even before – which was the case for five-member group ZZBest.   Signed with Faith Entertainment, ZZBest intended to debut in 2015 with the song “Temptation”.   The concept for “Temptation” was even promoted.   But before they… ... more
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  • Here Are What These Top Celebs Lives Looked Like Before Beco...
    Famous celebrities live the lives that most people dream of living one day, but some of these celebrities experienced a completely different lifestyle before they became successful. Here are a few celebrities whose lives have changed drastically since their success.   1. IU IU grew up in a financially stable family… ... more
    Koreaboo11 hours ago
  • G.O. Reveals That The K-Pop Industry Does Indeed Manipulate ...
    Amid much controversy over Limez Entertainment and rumors of their chart manipulation, G.O.’s explanation that the K-Pop industry does manipulate charts has been receiving even more attention.   According to G.O., starting around the year 2010, there were some singers who immediately ranked no. 1 on the charts every… ... more
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  • 7 Things You Have To Watch Out For When Ordering Chinese Foo...
    Korean restaurant owners have shared words of wisdom on what to watch out for when ordering Chinese food. Next time you go for Chinese food, keep these tips in mind!   1. Your browser does not support video. Be careful if the food tastes different each time you order. Chances… ... more
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  • Jung In Sun Apologizes to “Waikiki” Actors For Keeping R...
    According to Jung In Sun, Lee Yi Kyung and she kept their relationship a secret until they finished shooting Waikiki due to concerns that it may cause disturbances to the drama.   They previously confirmed that they have been dating for a year. (★BREAKING) “Waikikiâ€� Co-Stars Lee Yi Kyung And… ... more
    Koreaboo23 hours ago
  • BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” Ranks 1st On Amazon For Al...
    BTS‘s upcoming album “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear” was listed on Amazon for pre-order – and by the end of the day, it ranked #1 as the best-selling product in the CDs and vinyl category! It beat out new releases like The Greatest Showman soundtrack and Kendrick Lamar‘s new album “Damn”.   Apparently, it’s… ... more
    Koreaboo23 hours ago
  • Kang Han Na And Darren Wang Caught On Another “Date” Aft...
     Kang Han Na and Darren Wang have been caught on camera twice in the past and have denied dating rumors both times. Kang Han Na Denies Dating Rumors With Taiwanese Actor Darren Wang   But they’ve been caught on camera for the third time, only a week since their 2nd… ... more
    Koreaboo23 hours ago
  • (★BREAKING) Actors Son Eun Seo And Lee Ju Seung Report...
    Actors Son Eun Seo and Lee Ju Seung have reportedly been dating for 6 months since they met on set for OCN’s Voice. News reports say they became friends after starring in the same drama, where they learned that they shared mutual hobbies. They’ve been seen together on multiple outings, such… ... more
    Koreaboo23 hours ago
  • Here’s The New Drama Possibly Starring Suzy And Park Bo Gu...
    There were rumors that Park Bo Gum and Suzy were going to star in a new SBS drama called People of Incheon Airport. The nation’s beloved actors have never appeared in a drama together, although they both ran into reach other at numerous award ceremonies.   A source said the two… ... more
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  • 13 Things Korean Women Who Have Never Dated Do
    1. They don’t ever show their feelings. Your browser does not support video. It’s impossible to tell if they have feelings for someone. They think they’re leaving hints, but it’s only in their heads.   2. They put too much meaning on everything. Your browser does not support video. Even… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • There’s A Reason Why All Cameras Focus On Nayeon As The Op...
    TWICE recently made a comeback with their hit “What Is Love?” and fans have noticed a pattern in the group’s live performances. Your browser does not support video.   It’s that all the cameras zoom in on Nayeon during the opening stage! Your browser does not support video. Netizens have… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • “Waikiki” PD Reveals He Didn’t Know That Lee Yi Kyung ...
    Waikiki‘s PD, Lee Chang Min, has stated that he was unaware of Lee Yi Kyung‘s and Jung In Sun‘s relationship because they did not go on dates while filming the drama.   The production director was just as surprised as everyone else was when the dating news broke. He said, ... more
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  • 33 K-Pop Dad Jokes That Will Secretly Make You Laugh Inside
    1. If RM was a food.   2. SHINee is back   3. Coffee and Suga   4. Everyone would sympathize   5. Xiumin is axiumin   6. BIGBANG is fantastic   7. TOP can’t be TOPless   8. INFINITE on birthday … ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • WINNER Reveals They Are Still Struggling A Lot
    In an interview on SBS‘s One Night of TV Entertainment,  the members of WINNER revealed that they are not as well off as people think.   The interviewer asked what they did with the first paycheck they received as WINNER. “Do you remember what you did with your first paycheck?”… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • These Haters Thought BIGBANG Would Fail As A Group… Now Lo...
    Back in 2006, YG Entertainment debuted a group by the name of BIGBANG. After countless #1 hits, sold-out concert tours, and numerous “Best Artist” awards, BIGBANG eventually became one of the top names in K-Pop.   The group, however, didn’t always have the huge amount of supporters that they have now.  Prior to… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Eric Nam Shows Love For Latin American Culture In “Potion...
    Idols risk backlash when they choose to include elements from foreign cultures in their music and videos, but fans are praising Eric Nam‘s fusion of Korean and Latin American cultures in “Potion”. Your browser does not support video.   The song has strong electropop vibes mixed with Latin American-style strings. It is a true marriage… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • People Can’t Get Over How Beautiful TWICE’s Mina Looks E...
    People have been amazed at how beautiful TWICE’s Mina looks even when she’s crying.   She looks like a gorgeous movie star who’s been heartbroken by the tragic male lead! Your browser does not support video.   Those big eyes filled with tears make her eyes twinkle with a… ... more
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  • 12 Times Koreans Had The World Saying “WTF??”
    1. Skinship between man+man= OK, Skinship between man+woman=NOT OK If you’re not in a serious relationship it is NOT ok to show any form of “skinship,” but between men, it is acceptable to touch each other in all sorts of places, without the fear that you’d be labeled gay. … ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Korean Elementary Academy Teachers Imprison And Assault Stud...
    Two sisters (surnamed Kang), who run an academy in the South Korean city of Suncheon, have been charged with the imprisonment and assault of a student.   According to reports, the Kang sisters kidnapped 12-year-old student Son by forcing him into their car, and bringing him back to a… ... more
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  • GOT7 Mark’s Dad May Just Be Their Best Concert Promoter
    GOT7 Mark’s dad may be the best and most passionate promoter of GOT7! Source: Twitter   Mark’s father, a.k.a. Papa Tuan, has tweeted a photo of himself posting GOT7 concert flyers at a restaurant. Volunteer helping to post flyers…. pic.twitter.com/kmMedcFIvh — Raymond Tuan (@linbea945) April 18, 2018  … ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Everyone Is Losing It Over This Nurse In China “Twerking...
    A nurse started “twerking” while performing CPR during a demonstration in China and the internet is losing it!   During the demonstration, three nurses performed CPR on a dummy – but it seems the woman performing compressions couldn’t help but jiggle her bottom up and down while pushing. Your… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • TWICE’s Jihyo Shows Off Her Toned Waist Line After He...
    A number of fans believe that she has the best smile in the world but it seems like TWICE’s Jihyo is also getting a lot of attention for her toned waistline!   Recent photos of the Jihyo revealed a slimmer figure, specifically with her waistline.   In between… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • WATCH 1MILLION Dance Studio Cover “Honestly” With Eric N...
    Eric Nam fans can now learn choreography for “Honestly” by watching 1MILLION Dance Studio‘s dance cover. Your browser does not support video.   Tina Boo, an instructor at 1MILLION, performed her choreography in-studio, with Eric Nam himself! Your browser does not support video.   The lyrics for “Honestly” tell the story of… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • J-Hope’s Mixtape Is Being Played At Department Stores Arou...
    International BTS fans tweeted out their excitement after hearing J-Hope’s Hope World mixtape playing at H&M stores all over the world!   BTS’s popularity has skyrocketed internationally, but many A.R.M.Ys still don’t get to hear hits like J-Hope’s “Airplane” and “Hope World” play locally. Imagine their surprise when H&M added “Daydream” to their in-store… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • This Is What Happens When You’re The Only Female Student I...
    19-year-old Wu Xun is currently the only female student enrolled in the marine engineering department at Shanghai Maritime University.   Wu Xun is bright and beautiful, with a cheerful personality. She never misses a class, ranks high academically, and is beloved by her peers.   On Wu Xun’s 19th… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Remember That Girl Who Threatened To Sue BTS’s Suga? This ...
    BTS‘s criminally attractive members make fans suffer in the best ways, but one BTS fangirl had enough; she threatened to sue Suga…for being too damn sexy!   The fan first started threatening to take Suga to court in 2014. During a fan sign event, she called Suga a “dangerous… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Sulli To Appear In First TV Series In 6 Years, Here’s What...
    Former f(x) member Sulli will be appearing on a reality show program!   SM Entertainment announced that Sulli will be appearing on a reality program but the schedule or channel have not yet been decided. Source: Instagram “Sulli will be appearing on a reality program. The schedule for… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • North and South Korea Will Discuss The Possibility Of Ending...
    According to a report by Munhwa Ilbo, an unnamed South Korean official has stated that North and South Korea are discussing the possibility of a permanent end to the military conflict between the two countries.   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae In are expected… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • Here’s How Much It Costs To Debut A New K-Pop Group
    According to JYP Entertainment‘s statistics, it can cost a staggering 900 million won to debut a new K-Pop group! Your browser does not support video.   These numbers are based on a hypothetical 5-member boy group. If each of the members trains for an average of 3 years, this alone would… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • It’s Been Said That Only Celebrities With The Hottest Bodi...
    Not all dresses are created equal and, according to Dispatch, there’s a dress that only the hottest celebrities can wear.   It requires a specific body type: long, thin legs, a slim waist, and just the right amount of hip to create a perfect “S-line.”   Known as… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • These Are The 10 Most Expensive Clothing Items BTS Has Ever ...
    It’s no secret that BTS and their stylists have impeccable taste! Check out the most expensive pieces of clothing they’ve ever worn.   10. Saint Laurent Contrast-Trim Lame Bomber Jacket (~$4223 USD) Jimin wore this Saint Laurent bomber jacket to the AMAs back in 2017 and shone brightly on the… ... more
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  • The Maury Show tweeted a BTS meme and the replies will have ...
    American talkshow The Maury Show retweeted a BTS meme and the reactions from other Twitter uses are priceless. The Maury Show is a long-running tabloid talk show focusing on relationships and family issues, like proving paternity, taking lie detector tests and exposing cheaters. It’s hosted by veteran journalist Maury… ... more
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  • Terry Crews Casually Mentions How Much He Freakin’ Lo...
    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Terry Crews revealed that he has joined BTS‘s growing list of celebrity fans.   During the interview, which focused on Terry Crews’s traveling experiences, journalist Ja-Hae Kim asked him how traveling has shaped the way he views entertainment. “You’re Korean, right?” Terry Crews asked the journalist. “I love BTS.”… ... more
    Koreaboo1 day ago
  • 17 K-Drama Bloopers That Are Actually Hilarious
    K-dramas have some of the highest production quality in the world and they’re just plain awesome. That however, doesn’t mean the producers of these dramas don’t make mistakes and create some amazingly hilarious bloopers.   1. The Green Screen Editors from “Hwayugi” were so rushed in post-production that they failed… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Lee Jong Suk And Kim Ji Won May Reunite In A Drama, 7 Years ...
    Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won may reunite as lead characters in a Netflix drama called See You Again.   The agencies of both stars have stated that they’ve received a proposal for the upcoming drama, but are currently in the process of reviewing.   If they decide… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Korean High School Girl Gets Plastic Surgery, Gets Bullied A...
    A Korean high school student created a post asking for advice after she started getting bullied because of her recent cosmetic surgery.   She chose to get double eyelid surgery done over the break, but when she returned to school, she became a victim of harsh bullying from her… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Haters Called Baekhyun A Crappy Singer…His Response Made T...
    With popularity, comes hate, and EXO Baekhyun has seen more than enough of his share of hate.   People hate on Baekhyun for many inconceivable things but Baekhyun couldn’t stand by and watch haters mock his singing. And he had the perfect way of proving them wrong and… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Controversial Video Of Wanna One Fans Passing Out Because Of...
    A video of fans fainting and having to be removed from the standing area at a Wanna One concert has brought up the issue of overcrowding at K-Pop concerts.   The video was taken at a Wanna One concert in Korea in 2017. It showed a collapsed fan being… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Former Idol Exposes How Idols Secretly Ask Eachother Out, An...
    Former MADTOWN member H.O recently revealed the secrets of idol dating on his popular stream H.O Tube!   H.O started off by sharing that idols usually meet on music shows. Your browser does not support video. “If you go to a music show broadcast, you will run into people even if… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Kid Model From VIXX’s New “Scentist” MV Is More Fashio...
    The kid model in VIXX‘s “Scentist” MV is going viral for his idol-like visuals and killer style!   Kim Juhoon is a 10-year-old child model who has worked with brands like H&M, Lipop, BoraBora and Lookbook.   He’s been modeling since he was young, and won Bambino‘s 2nd annual child… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Netizen Claim Red Velvet Seulgi Has “Gained Weight” In H...
    A recent post from an online community claimed that Red Velvet’s Seulgi has recently gained some weight. The buzz began when she performed at the ETUDE HOUSE Pink Play Concert.   Some netizens agreed that Seulgi’s cheeks had become a little fuller. Your browser does not support video. “Yeap…looks… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • This Idol Has Made A Huge Transformation Since She Appeared ...
    Park Jiwon was a JYP trainee who was unfortunately eliminated on Sixteen after ranking 14th place.   After leaving JYP, she joined Idol School, another reality girl group show, through which she eventually debuted as a member of fromis_9.   Fans have recently been looking back on photos of her… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Taemin, Sooyoung And Kangta To Perform In Concert Raising Aw...
    Singer Lee Dong Woo will be holding a series of concerts with fellow entertainers including H.O.T‘s Kangta, SHINee‘s Taemin, and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung to raise awareness for suicide prevention. The concert will be held from April 23 to May 7 at the CKL Stage in Jung-gu, Seoul.   Each concert will… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Meet The Produce 48 Trainee Who Already Has 5+ Devoted Fansi...
    Even though they have only been in Korea a few times, there is one Japanese Produce 48 trainee that has already captured hearts! The trainee is Miyawaki Sakura from HKT48‘s KIV Team. Fans have fallen in love with her strong visuals so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • BTS Ranks 1st On TIME 100’s Reader Poll
    BTS has been announced as the winner of the 2018 TIME 100 reader poll.   Although TIME editors will be selecting the TIME 100, the online reader poll is open to the general public. The official list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World will be… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Racist American Woman Yells At And Attacks Passengers On Kor...
    Two American women and a British woman yelled at and attacked a Korean man while on a Seoul subway after they were asked to be quiet.   According to witnesses, when the man requested the women speak quieter, the women began yelling derogatory comments, swearing and making offensive gestures.… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Ji Chang Wook And Kang Ha Neul Auditioned To Be In A Militar...
    Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul have auditioned for a musical produced by the Ministry of National Defense.   Both actors enlisted in the army less than a year ago. Ji Chang Wook entered a recruit training center in Cheolwon, Gangwon-do on August 14, 2017. Kang… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • Xiumin Reveals The Unexpected Reason Why He Can Never Get Ta...
    During EXO-CBX‘s Daegu fansign for”Blooming Days”, a fan asked Xiumin if he has thought about getting a tattoo. Fans had photoshopped tattoos onto Xiumin to show how stunning he’d look with them too!   Right now, the only EXO member who is confirmed to have a tattoo is Chanyeol.… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
  • 10 K-Pop Girls Who Change Their Style Completely With Differ...
    Women can show different sides of themselves depending on what makeup they are wearing. They can go from a mature and sophisticated look to a fresh and youthful one. Idols are no different and have many opportunities to try out some of these looks. Here are just a few idols… ... more
    Koreaboo2 days ago
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